Spiritual Practices And Meditation From Senior Forces

28th moonday is the last day of the moon cycle (because the 30th day is not every moon month. Esoterics give reasonable advice - transfer to other dates any important world business ( weddings, deals, travel starts, important purchases) if they came to 28 moonlights.

However, neutralizing the negative that may have accumulated in your information field, working with your inner world and understanding of the spiritual path is necessary on this moon day.

Mahashiharatri (The Great Night of Shiva) -- a shifting cereal, is the 28th moon day of the last moon cycle of winter. But Shiwaratri ' s Day is celebrated several times a year, and in general, Shiva Night is the 28th day of each moon month.

In Shiwaratri and Mahashiharatri, the believers read “katha”, the stories of Shiva, and sing the hymns in his honour. Those who are awake during Shiwaratri are promised material prosperity and space in paradise; any meditation this night is 100 times more common. The symbol of this holiday is lingam or yonilingi.

According to the legend, 28 moonday is the day of the wedding of God (Shiwa) and Bogini (Parwati); Goddess is a symbol of the soul, God is a spirit. The soul can't be happy on Earth without being connected to the spirit and vice versa.

But we, living far from Shiva ' s cultural environment, are more important than that we can spend 28 nights of unique spiritual medicine, spiritual support for the supreme forces, spiritual calm, knowledge of life.

The meditation should be conducted on the Yoniling symbol, and its image can be used (photo, poster). This symbol is the symbol of the creation of the whole living, first-hand force, the bonds of God and Goddess, souls and spirit.

Before meditation Prepare your blessings, some food purchased specifically for practice, milk, honey, candles, water cups, flowers.

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