Биоэнергетика и реальность

What's Bioenergy

Bioenergy is a section of biophysics related to the study of principles and mechanisms for converting energy into living objects.

The main feature of the living organism, regardless of the level of its organization, is one cell or a highly organized system, from the point of view of physics, is its inequity.

Это особое состояние живого объекта проявляется в двух аспектах.

First, its structure is not balanced.
It is specially organized and the laws of the thermodynamics suggest that, at the end temperature, any isolated system must be chaotic over time, i.e. losing its uniqueness.

In order to counter this natural trend and for a long period (in the literal sense of " time of life " ) to preserve and develop its uniqueness, any organism, once it has arisen, must not be isolated: it must constantly be free from the environment.

Gradually dissipated in the organism and turned into heat, this energy supports an unequal structure.

The second aspect, which is closely linked to the first one, is manifested in unusual, equivalent, thermodynamics, ways of dissipating energy in the organism.

Before the new power generation succeeds in balancing all stages of freedom, as required by equilibrium thermodynamics, it succeeds in causing the chemical transformations of each living structure.

A unique structure ensures the rapid use of excess energy in certain specified stages of freedom.
Simultaneously, these degrees of freedom are " goat " as if their temperature is significantly higher than the rest of the system.

Thus, the constant flow of free energy from the outside to the living system supports the uneven nature not only of the very structure of the living matter, but also the uneven nature of its processes. It's a vital characteristic of the living system.

It is worth remembering that free energy is the part of the full energy of the system that can be transformed into work under insulated conditions.

There are many forms of free energy in nature, and at the dawn of life, there is inevitably a question on the Earth as to what form of free energy can best ensure that energy, substances and information is transformed into a living environment.

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