Как восстановить силы?

Energy Recovery

усталость, силы, энергияTo know how to restore power and vital energy, it must be understood under what circumstances it is lost. There is a need to close the holes through which the energy flows. Otherwise, we'll look like a man trying to get water into the bars.

There are several major loopholes through which the forces that lead to constant fatigue and depletion, both mental and physical, as a consequence.

Psychological or emotional fatigue arises from nervous stress, stress related to overhaul and disturbances, obsessive thoughts, active mental activity. Any kind of experience overburdens the nervous system, thereby developing fatigue and sometimes giving a sense of complete indifference to the whole world. It's a sort of overpaid fee - in emotions, extinctions. It is therefore so important to remember that our sensational stock is not endless, that we are undergoing severe reliance, that negative emotions are frustrated and that the positives are being restored, and not immediately.

See how many times in the day you questioned yourself? How many times have you been afraid to say what you think? How many times did you compare yourself to someone? How many times have you been jealous? Stop! That's the original sinks of our energy.

Virtually every person is exposed to fear during some life period. Fear keeps a man in high mental stress, constantly taking away mental and life energy, shaving muscles. As a child, a man fears darkness, pain, surprise, water, altitude. At a young age, he fears his unattractiveness, inferiority, loneliness. At mature age, fears losing good work, human court, treason, cares for children. Sickness, loneliness, poverty, death are feared on the slope of years. Important and need to remember that All our obstacles, difficulties, bad situations are in fact one goal of spiritual growth. And if that is the case, there is nothing to fear them, they must be accepted and their lives must be met as they become. Fears can also be written to neutralize their insurance. The bottom line is, sit down for 40 minutes without breaking and analysing, write all your fears on the paper leaf, and then either bury them or burn them, thus closing the life and energy loss.

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