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Trans-Central Mediating The Prevalence Of Practices In The World

Medication, an ex-husband exotic exotic, is growing popular today. Europeans appreciated the effectiveness of this method of lifting the voltage. Photo: Tosaporn Boonyarangkul

Stress, fatigue, annoyance are loyal satellites of the Megapolis. In the search for a variety of ways to combat bad feelings and negative emotions, more and more people prefer medicine. Perhaps one of the reasons is that there are regular reports of the positive impact of median practices on health. For example, the results of the University of Kentucky, published in March this year, show that meditation contributes to the normalization of increased pressure: reduces the sistol blood pressure by an average of 4,7 mm rattle, diastolic by 3, 2 mm vo.

Medication (from Latin meditatio - reflection, thought-provoking) - a method of human exposure to its internal world. Mediation is said to be an intensive, influential reflection, immersion of mind into a subject, an idea that is achieved by focusing on one object and eliminating all factors that dispel attention, both external (show, light) and internal (physical, emotional and other stresses). There are religious and philosophical, cult, psychotherapeutic medicines.

Nine sources

In a short past, in the words " meditation " , we represented a deep trance of lonely asket sitting in a cave in some Asian country for years. Indeed, the meditation was born in the eastern culture. The first archaeological certificate of medicamental practice was found in India and falls until 1500 to N.E. The roots of the phenomenon should also be found in China: Chinese meditation rise to the origins of the Dahos tradition and are considered independent of India. Mediation and ancient shamanism were used. Special development of the media has been achieved in Indian yoga, Buddhism.

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