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Trans-Central Meditation


Scientists recommend Transcentral Mediation

The results of these studies confirm that Trans-Central Mediation has an unprecedented impact on all aspects of human life - mental development, health and psychological development. No other meditation technology or any other personal development method has been examined in such a thorough manner as Transcendent Mediation. From the outset, by promulgating the Trans-Central Meditation Technician, Maharishi Mahes Jogi, a distinguished Indian scholar in consciousness, a physicist in education, encouraged researchers in their desire to objectively confirm the benefits of the Trans-Central Mediation felt by the people practising this technique.

Transcentral meditation studies were published in over 100 leading scientific journals, such as Science, American Journal of Physiology, Scientific American, Lancet, Journal of Counseling Psychology, International Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of the Canadian Medical Association, British Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Conflict Resolution and others.

Заключение Института Мозга

The results of the research are collected in seven volumes of the Trans-Central Mediation Research and the TM-Sidhi Programme, with over 4,000 pages.

In Russia, research on the impact of Transcentral Mediation on brain work was carried out at the RAO brainstorming Institute under the leadership of the N.N. Lubomov Academy.

" Maharishi says that our consciousness is growing during the Trans-Central Mediation. It's a philosophical interpretation of the TM phenomenon, but speaking of neurology, we see that our brain uses a much wider range of perceptions during Transcental Mediation.

I don't know any other way to mobilize these huge resources of our brain -- to mobilize the unclassical additional paths of the neurocybernet system. In the TM program, we have a perfectly natural method of discovering full brain potential.

In the course of TMM practice, there is not only a relaxation of the body, but there is a very creative process at the same time, as indicated by the intensification of specific parts of the brain. This is the scientific and neurological basis of this phenomenon.

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