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Trans-Price Meditation

Махариши Махеш Йоги - основатель техники Трансцендентальной МедитацииTranscentral Medical (TM) - It's a simple, natural, unnecessarily intelligent technician who can easily learn and who spends 15 to 20 minutes a day in a convenient position with closed eyes.

During classes Transcentral Medical The human being is experiencing a unique state of calm awakening when the body is completely relaxed and the mind goes beyond its activity and reaches a completely calm but fully conscious state.

The physiologists believe that " calm awakening " is the fourth fundamental state of consciousness (bearing, sleeping and dreaming) and has unique properties. This is the simplest form of consciousness, a " transcendent consciousness " or a " clean consciousness " . It is directly felt as complete peace and satisfaction and is the source of thought, creativity and energy.

This state maximizes the self-regulation of the organism and the re-establishment of the nervous system after the stress and pressures that are the root causes of most health violations. Research has shown that the biological age has been reduced by an average of 5 to 12 years of chronological age, as well as a significant reduction in the severity and number of diseases, including cardiovascular numbers.

(Transportant consciousness transcends) reveals creativity in every human being, develops mental skills and memory. Human beings are becoming more energetic, collected and creative, leading to greater efficiency and success in everyday life.

Research suggests that mediating a warmer relationship with other people, they are more calm and confident, more creative and effective in addressing diverse challenges, less exposed to stress. There's more harmony, peace and joy around them.

produces holistic results, no area of life is left aside, and there are no undesirable side effects.

works at the deepest, fundamental level of life. It's much more than just relaxing equipment. It is a practical, effective procedure for developing consciousness, discovering full mental potential and using it in everyday life.

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