Трансцендентальная медитация

Transcentral Technology

Вся правда об остановке мыслей. Трансцендентальная медитация. Практика, медитация. Эзотерика и духовное развитие.I met this material of an unknown practice on his personal website and kept away from publication, so much valuable absorption of his mind. The text then comes from the first person, i.e. from the author.


I'd like to give you an exercise to stop thinking, so I'll tell you my experience. In all practices, there are secrets that can greatly reduce the path to achieving certain results. Such a secret is also in the practice of stopping thoughts or transcendental meditation. At first, my Puti, I've been told long enough to stop thinking, it takes a long and hard time training. But I was able to find a short way to achieve a real stop to thinking, and that's why I was able to create a method that could literally fit anyone. For example, most recently, I taught him one person who was able to reach a complete stop for five minutes, a man who was completely unprepared and far from all kinds of mystic experiences.

But before I give my methodology, I'd like to talk to you a little bit about stopping my thoughts or Trans-central meditationthe purpose and purpose of this practice. The main purpose of stopping thoughts is to change consciousness, followed by trance, nirvana and enlightenment.

Such practices appear to be difficult at first sight because it becomes clear from the beginning that the idea itself has a three-dimensional system. If it's easier to say, a man can think at the same time in different directions and things. I'll explain later. In the east, the practice of stopping thoughts is called transcendental meditation, and it is the exercise of repetition, more accurately than the repetition of a certain master. Why, with a long recurrence, not only is there a dilemma of thought, but sometimes a high consciousness. They're different.

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