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Transcentral Technology Education Free Of Charge

Meetings and workshop on Trans-central meditation (TM) with Mikhail Moldovanov in Germany from 06 to 9 February 2015.

Anyone who first heard the concept of education, awakening and those who already have experience in spiritual search and practice, but did not find answers to our questions, inviting the satsangis to Michael Moldovan, all you wanted to know about the Enlightenment. Theory and practice of self-realization”:

1. You'll find out what enlightenment is, awakening.

2. You will be able to learn how to get rid of those minds that prevent you.

3. You'll be able to ask all your questions.

Schedule of meetings with Mikhail Moldovanov:

The course consists of 3 sessions for 2 to 3 hours, the topics of subsequent classes continue and develop previous ones, and it is therefore recommended that start with the first class.

Practical Seminar on Trans-Central Mediation (TM) - " Know what you're capable of - advanced technology " :

TM is an effective intellectual technique that will give you the opportunity to take a deep rest (on a few times deeper than during sleep), remove stress, improve health, develop creativity and mental skills. Technician increases the sense of internal happiness and satisfaction.

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