Обучение трансцендентальной

Transcurring Technology Education

The procedure for training the Trans-Central Meditation provides the necessary understanding and experience for further self-employment. In fact, all that is necessary to benefit from TMM Techniques is to study and continue to practice this meditation technique regularly 20 minutes, twice a day.

However, for all those wishing, there are in-depth programmes of Transcendent Mediation Techniques, covering both the area of understanding and the area of direct experience, two integral complementary parts of the development process of all aspects of life carried out during TM Technique.

In the field of understanding - This is, in the first place, the great lectures of Maharishi, which help not only to gain a better understanding of the theoretical philosophical foundations of TM Techniques, but also to enrich the practice itself.

In the field of learning - These are advanced technology, the TM-Sidhi Programme and a number of other unique technologies that reinforce the positive results of Transcentral Mediation Technicians.

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