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One of the most common myths about tarologists: a tarologist doesn't make sense in maps. He talks to the client like a psychologist and says what the client wants to hear.

I once had an interview before the saint. One of the questions was the tarologist's session, not the hamster, but the psychological counselling?

In this publication, I'll tell you what tarologists, psychologists and witches are.

No, modern witches have nothing to do with stereotypical images of skin worms, hairy hair and wrinkle hands.

The current witches go up in time: they work remotely, they advertise in social media, order magical attributions on Internet magazines, use transport, not methla, dress and paint. Well, in the crowd, you may not see them.

A witch doesn't mean a black sorcerer who just wants to... saint everyone and everyone with one look or count your teeth if you smile.

The witches work differently as tarologists and psychologists. Every witch has his methods, clients and services.

Some do healing, white magic or ritual attributes. Others have gone to black magic with their turns, their imaginations and their turns. Thirds are a master of all hands. They're yoga-raki-shamans, and they can do something.

Well, they don't think it's a change.

5 words on modern witches:
The witch does not mean evil;
Widows may not stand out;
The witches can guess, congenitate, cheat. But they don't have to do it all right.
Magic witches can use maps, and not necessarily taro. And they can go on beans, bones, needles, etc. But not everyone who's guessing beans is a witch.
Witches and tarologists aren't competitive. Areas of activity may overlap, but methods of work and results vary.

There's a great story about a girl who couldn't find a good job at the end of a nutcase. Then she learned to guess on the taro, she was followed by clients. She gradually raised prices for her services. Now her clients are officials and police.

Psychology is very helpful in the work of the tarologist. But not every tarologist is a psychologist. You'll be lucky if you find a psychologist or a tarologist who makes some sense in psychology.

Psychologists are different, too. Someone's really helping clients, and someone's only throwing money for their counseling, having a psychologist's degree, but having no knowledge.

Somehow, if you're talking to a psychologist, you're not all right with your head. Are you sick? Are you crazy?

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