Bioenergy Of Animals

БиоэнергетикаWhat's bioenergy? Where is it used? Bioenergy, although you may not suspect it, is used everywhere. It's an energy that separates any biological body, now the existence of bioenergy has already been scientifically proven - from any biological object, from the flower to the human. Human bioenergy, animal bioenergy, tree bioenergy, planet bioenergy.

In fact, bioenergy, it's a substance that's used everywhere, now, a lot of people who realize that almost all the exchange processes that live in organisms can be called bioenergy.

It is understandable that if a person has a strong bioenergy, then the weaker bioenergy is subordinate to him. In a different way, if a person has regular sports, healthy lifestyles, he will certainly devote much more bioenergy to Wednesday than a man who is limited in his mobility, lacks food and abuses alcohol and nikotine.
Accordingly, the first subject we have examined will have much more opportunities to fulfil our conscious desires in this world than the second one.

I mean, so we're directly clinging to the fact that if your bioenergy is undergoing a process of growth, so your opportunities in the outside environment are expanding.

The question is:
♪ Can bioenergy of the specials improve regular sports and healthy lifestyles?
♪ Of course not. Bioenergy can be upgraded several times, and it will be more likely than anyone who has healthy lifestyles and sports - of course if we take a similar, medium-statistical form into account.

We'll move on. We mentioned something like planet bioenergy. It is accepted that the planets have no reason. That it's just some kind of material. This sick and tired civilization has made many mistakes, and this one of them. How do you think you're the only one alive where there's nothing alive? - Paradox. But a lot of people think so. Nevertheless, Planets, including ours, are a whole bioenergy mass.

It's GIGANS bioenergy. Not to mention the big consciousness.

However, in this context, human bioenergy, animal bioenergy, tree bioenergy, and other bioenergy, all other living creatures, are not compared to how powerful bioenergy is in the planet itself.

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