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Сергей РатнерIn February 2010, a book of Israeli bioenergy, Sergei Ratner, entitled " Bioenergy Secrets " , was published in Russia. We're giving you a little breakthrough from this book on how to see energy.

Energy has no color, no shape, no parameters we're used to representing. Energy is completely colorless, it's either in motion, i.e. in dynamics or in static condition, one of two. No third state yet. Maybe, but it hasn't opened up yet. So if I know I'm surrounded by energy, but I don't see it, it doesn't mean there's no energy. It's just that I don't see her because she's in a static state, that's not moving. If she's not moving, it doesn't mean she can't move. You just need to focus on the power of your mind, it's a movement to launch and transform this energy into what I need, so you change the situation around me not just about energy, but also about energy. physically♪ For example, if there's a situation I don't like, I need to trick her into changing her in a way that I like her, or at least not interfere.

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