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На встречу с экстрасенсом. Ясновидящая из Литвы собирается в МагнитогорскSince the number of seats is limited, the organizers recommend that they be inscribed in advance.

The recording is made by telephone 8 (3519) 455-411 (Elena).

Anika Sokolski is a Lithuanian psychic from Vilnius, known by participating in the Bitch of Extrasens television project, first in her home country, where she became a finalist, taking an honorary silver, and then in Russia, where she took a prominent place among the finalists of the 11th " Bitch of Exsens " season.

In Lithuania, the search for a criminal was a decisive test. Anika has done a brilliant job by pointing out the location of the killer, which is why he was behind bars.На встречу с экстрасенсом. Ясновидящая из Литвы собирается в Магнитогорск Following this test, the Lithuanian police drew attention to a strong psychic, and Anika has since been active in helping the police solve crimes, find missing persons and dangerous malicious men.

Anika was born in Vilnius, in the family of descendant doctors, but she wasn't destined to go through her parents' feet, she was expecting another way. Anika ' s special gift was inherited by a woman ' s line, a woman of her kind has always had superficial powers: a great-grandmother was a village dwarf, a aunt sees a dream, and a mother, even though she works in official medicine, has a special energy and is therefore particularly loved by patients.

Anika's unusual psychic psychic abilities were discovered at her age 5 when she was in a nursery garden with her peers to discuss the topic of past lives in peace, asking everyone they were when they were big. Other kids might have played, but Anika really talked about knowing for sure, and in her sense, everything seemed perfectly normal and natural.

As a very bright, open and solar man, Anika has since childhood felt the condition of others, often noting that fighting and conflict have ceased immediately in her presence. She didn't make any conscious effort to do that, but somehow the calamity of the atmosphere was rapidly defused.

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