Как правильно медитировать?

How To Mediate Houses

Как начать медитировать

Purpose of meditation

There's no magic or magic in meditation. It's just a certain exercise, training, not more. The purpose of the meditation is not to open the third eye or to catch the absolute. Meditation is a healthy body and healthy mind, calm, harmony, balance and happiness. Everything that's missing in our time.

Medication isn't as hard as it looks. In fact, I'm sure most of you have already done some kind of meditation, and you're even able to assess its impact! Surprised? Many of you, when you couldn't sleep a long time, started counting sheep, once sheep, two sheep...n sheep until you were in a dream? In doing so, it was possible to represent the puppet worms themselves that jump through the fence, for example. Someone was helping. Why do you think? Because you kept your attention to one thing, so you stopped thinking about something else. All the concerns and thoughts left your mind!

And the monotony of this process has seduced you and you have fallen asleep! See, no tricks, it's pretty simple. Medication based in a similar way, although this is a very rude and simplified comparison. You concentrate on breathing, image or mantra, so you calm your mind. But there is no doubt that the effect of the meditation is much wider and deeper than the effect that the sheep account has shown. This practice is capable of giving you unevenly more.

Many articles in the domestic Internet segment on this issue have been overloaded by any esotteric terminology: “chara, “energy”, “vibrations”.

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