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Olga Found Bioenergy In Contact

You need to send an e-mail application for a minute. Beginning in mid-December, you will be instructed with further action to enrol.

Long-term education includes 3 courses. Value of one course: 12.000 roubles.

Everyone knows the saying, "The teacher comes when the student is ready." A lot of people understand her so literally that in mind they even paint pictures of an old man with a stick ringing at the door of a potential student's apartment.

However, we live in the 21st century and through the Internet, remote training is possible for crafts such as Magic. If one of you thinks it's impossible, I can give you an example. My abilities are the result of distance learning.

I'm not asking to be someone's teacher. By teaching Magic people, I see how their perception changes and the ability to feel peace in the energy spectrum. I just know I can train. And since Moscow is not accessible to everyone, we are launching a distance project for all the inhabitants of our homeland, as well as a passing and long-term loan.

1 course

The first course is aimed at creating a theoretical model of the Magic in the mind of the pupil in order to learn how to guide the esotteric concepts. From the point of view of practice, the aim of the course is to strengthen the student ' s attention and to increase extraterritorial capacity. By the end of the course, the learner will be able to read information from other people. Success in psychics will depend on the pupil ' s hard work and talent.

1 lecture: Legend of the Magic
2 lectures: Magic Peace Model
3 lectures: Human energy model
4 lectures: Magic black, white, gray
5 Lectures: Magic traditions (Local Hands) and classic traditions (Law Hands)
6 lectures: Bioenergy. Chakra and thin bodies in practice.

7 Lecture: The Art of Meditation. Bioenergy, expansion of channels. Flow work. Work with the poem. (Olga Nydenova section)
8 lectures: Activation of the 3rd eye.
9 lectures: Shablons of perception. Work with poems. Turn on the psychic.

10 lectures: Working with the air body. Practice execution of wishes♪ Work with the past on the water shift. (Olga Nydenova section)

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