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Sooga Physiology Of Bioenergy Psychosomatic

владимир задирака, книги, что почитатьYoga: physiology, psychosomatics, bioenergy


Reading this book led to a coup in my mind. The book doesn't solve anything on its own, but if you're practising, starting to question the writing, you're convinced of the truth of the tricks that are given in this book. Here is the rational approach to yoga practices and laws, the principles of the development of yogova complexes, energy-based techniques and the median aspects of practice.

For me, the book is particularly important because by gaining the invaluable experience of the author ' s apprenticeship, I can, with every turn, get deeper in the context of the written.

Travel to Mustang

avtobiografiay yogaMichelle Pessel

I put this book in my backpack across Mustang. In a printed form, she was in my hands just recently, just before my own trip to this mysterious and forbidden Kingdom. Events in the book are described through the prestige of the author ' s experience 50 years ago, when he became the first European to whom the local authorities allowed long-term stay in the territory.

I remember when I opened this book in front of my sleep and rereading the pieces where Michelle described his adventures where I went a few hours ago. The sense of complicity and admiration of the courage and obsession of Michel Pessel.

владимир задирака, книги, что почитать" History of faith and religious ideas "

Mircha Eliade

I'm particularly distributing this author and all his work that I've had. The " History of faith and religious ideas " , a trichotomy, is able to touch upon the cultural heritage of all civilizations known to humankind. It is particularly gratifying and dismaying that one person has been able to study such a complex and ambiguous question and has also found a desire to share his knowledge with the world.

The author also has other equally important books that may lead to a rethinking of habitual life stereotyping, as well as internal and external religious and archaic attitudes.

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