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Yoga Physiology Of Psychosomatic Bioenergy

Сафронов А.Г. - Йога. Физиология, психосоматика, биоэнергетикаSafron A.G. - Yoga. Physiology, psychosomatics, bioenergyIn the warehouse: Yes.
The book by the President of the Ukrainian Federation of Yogy Andrei Safrono has a rational approach to yoga practices based on the understanding of physiological, psychosomatic and bioenergy yoga exercises.
For the first time, the principles of the establishment of the Yogovia complex (separately for healthy and sick people) have been examined, there are internal (state-related) criteria for the proper implementation of the exercise, and rational approaches to mediating are suggested. It is also the first time to raise the question of errors in the exercise of yoga, which are invisible at first sight, and their negative consequences. The relevance of this issue is that most popular yoga books show the majority of exercises with fundamental errors.
The book is written on the basis of the author ' s 19-year practice, as well as the 14-year experience in teaching yoga and healing.Сафронов А.Г. - Йога. Физиология, психосоматика, биоэнергетика The structure of the book is divided into nuanced levels that can be useful to people who are familiar with yoga, from newcomers to long-term practitioners. In the book, more than 300 photographs and sketches illustrating exercises, entry phases, distribution of energy, exercise defects.
The book may be interesting for both people of interest in yoga and esotterics and for psychologists and physical culture specialists.
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